My name is Howard Sadowsky, age 69, and for the past 57 years I have been composing music as a guitarist and singer. The music I compose is made in a small corner of my living room with a Casio CTK-691 keyboard, recorded on a Yamaha AW16G audio work station. 

In 1979-1981, I recorded an album which was received favorably by Norman Wiser who was the former head of Columbian Pictures. Unfortunately, he passed away and all my master tapes of music were lost. Ever since, I have been recording in the comfort of my own home.

I recently subscribed three of my songs to www.number1music.com. With that, my music has made it to #1 for "Thirteen",  #8 for "Phase 2", and "Desert Of The Ocean" in the top 10.


With this website I would like to put my music out there and see where it can take me as well as begin to sell my music with the fans I have accumulated.


I would like to thank Red Sunset Studios for the photography and Paradise Studios for their open jams every Thursday at 8pm, located at 20 Broadway in Massapequa, NY.  

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All music is performed and composed by Howard Sadowsky

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